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Millions of IoT devices easily hackable

[German]Unpleasant, but not surprising, findings from the Def Con 2020: the vast majority of Internet of Things (IoT) devices are open like a hole and easily hackable. Only idiots, naive people, and hasaders use such devices with (unsecured) access from … Continue reading

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Expired certificates kick IoT devices out of business

[German]Now a view at the ‘bitter end of smart devices’ such as smart TVs, refrigerators or other IoT devices (smart speakers, thermostats, etc.) becomes visible. There are not even missing updates for their software. Expired security certificates could kick those … Continue reading

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Vulnerability in Amazon’s Ring doorbell

[German]IoT security experts from BullGuard and Dojo have uncovered a previously unknown vulnerability in the networked video doorbell of the Amazon subsidiary Ring: audio and/or video material was transmitted unencrypted to the ring app and was therefore vulnerable to external … Continue reading

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Microsoft announces Linux based Azure Sphere OS

[German]Microsoft seems to be undergoing a radical change in strategy. The next operating system Azure Sphere OS for Internet of Things (IoT) will no longer be based on Windows, it’s based on a customized Linux kernel. Here are some information … Continue reading

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Windows 10 14931 SDK, ADK, WDK and HLK Previews

Microsoft has released new previews for Windows 10 Build 14931 of SDK, ADK, WDK and HLK – and also Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview. Advertising

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