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Ups, Microsoft deleted Azure Cloud data bases

[German]That’s not cool: The issues that Microsoft have had with Microsoft 365 on January 29, 2019 also affected Azure SQL databases. Some customers have had SQL databases deleted on Azure. After restoring a snapshot, customers discovered that there were transaction … Continue reading

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Microsoft Security Update Summary for November 13, 2018

[German]As of November 13, 2018, Microsoft released numerous security updates for Windows clients and servers, Office, etc. Here is a compact overview. Advertising

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Windows Update quality issues: Microsoft’s answer

[German]Microsoft has responded to an open letter from MVP colleague Susan Bradley about problems and quality issues with Microsoft’s Windows update cycles. Advertising

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Microsoft Security Update Releases/Notifications (08/01/2018)

[German]Effective August 1, 2018, Microsoft has pulished Microsoft Security Update Releases for CVE-2018-8172 and CVE-2018-8202 and Microsoft Security Advisory Notification (with notes on Spectre patches). Here are the details. Advertising

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July 2018 patches: Review for administrators

[German]Fortunately July 2018 is over. Time for a brief review of the July 2018 patches and what’s still open. At least administrators should know the following overview. Advertising

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Windows (10) Update Survey and an open letter to Microsoft

[German]How satisfied are home users and IT Professionals with Windows and Microsoft’s update policy? This question can be answered by surveys. Susan Bradley, a Windows veteran, has created two surveys. Here are the results of those surveys – and which … Continue reading

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Looking back at Microsoft’s July 2018-Patches

[German]July 2018 represents another low with regard to issues caused from Microsoft’s updates. Since the month is almost over, here is a look at security advisories and problematic updates, as well as some basic thoughts.. Advertising

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Microsoft’s July 2018 patch mess – put update install on hold

[German]Another short patchday summary for administrators in business environments. July 2018 patchday (July 10, 2018) is proving more and more a disaster – currently every administrator should consider whether and which updates he releases for installation.  Advertising

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Microsoft Surface Go tablet for 399 US $

[German]The rumors of the last days has been true. Microsoft has introduced the Surface Go Tablet, which is entering the education market with a price starting at 399 US $ and a 10-inch display. From today, July 10, 2018, pre-orders … Continue reading

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Microsoft patchday: More updates (June 12, 2018)

[German]On June 12, 2018 (patchday) Microsoft released further updates for Internet Explorer, Windows Server, etc. This blog post contains details of selected patches that are not included in the remaining articles linked at the end of the article. Advertising

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