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Microsoft reports DNS issues as solved (Feb. 11, 2019)

[German]Microsoft believes that the DNS issues that caused failures at various services, including Windows Update, in January/February 2019 have now been finally fixed. Meanwhile all Microsoft services should be usable again. Advertising

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Ups, Microsoft deleted Azure Cloud data bases

[German]That’s not cool: The issues that Microsoft have had with Microsoft 365 on January 29, 2019 also affected Azure SQL databases. Some customers have had SQL databases deleted on Azure. After restoring a snapshot, customers discovered that there were transaction … Continue reading

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Microsoft Security Update Summary for November 13, 2018

[German]As of November 13, 2018, Microsoft released numerous security updates for Windows clients and servers, Office, etc. Here is a compact overview. Advertising

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Windows Update quality issues: Microsoft’s answer

[German]Microsoft has responded to an open letter from MVP colleague Susan Bradley about problems and quality issues with Microsoft’s Windows update cycles. Advertising

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Microsoft Security Update Releases/Notifications (08/01/2018)

[German]Effective August 1, 2018, Microsoft has pulished Microsoft Security Update Releases for CVE-2018-8172 and CVE-2018-8202 and Microsoft Security Advisory Notification (with notes on Spectre patches). Here are the details. Advertising

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July 2018 patches: Review for administrators

[German]Fortunately July 2018 is over. Time for a brief review of the July 2018 patches and what’s still open. At least administrators should know the following overview. Advertising

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Windows (10) Update Survey and an open letter to Microsoft

[German]How satisfied are home users and IT Professionals with Windows and Microsoft’s update policy? This question can be answered by surveys. Susan Bradley, a Windows veteran, has created two surveys. Here are the results of those surveys – and which … Continue reading

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Looking back at Microsoft’s July 2018-Patches

[German]July 2018 represents another low with regard to issues caused from Microsoft’s updates. Since the month is almost over, here is a look at security advisories and problematic updates, as well as some basic thoughts.. Advertising

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Microsoft’s July 2018 patch mess – put update install on hold

[German]Another short patchday summary for administrators in business environments. July 2018 patchday (July 10, 2018) is proving more and more a disaster – currently every administrator should consider whether and which updates he releases for installation.  Advertising

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Microsoft Surface Go tablet for 399 US $

[German]The rumors of the last days has been true. Microsoft has introduced the Surface Go Tablet, which is entering the education market with a price starting at 399 US $ and a 10-inch display. From today, July 10, 2018, pre-orders … Continue reading

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