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Microsoft Data Leak: 250 Mio. Call Center records left public

[German]There was a privacy incident at Microsoft last year. At the end of last year, Microsoft briefly disclosed call center data of almost 250 million customers via several unsecured cloud servers. Advertising

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Microsoft 365 down (11/21/2019)

Just a brief information for users of Microsoft 365 cloud services. Currently there are issues with these services again, as I can see from the status message from Microsoft. Advertising

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Microsoft Q&A replaces Technet and MSDN

[German]Just a brief note: Microsoft has been struggling with the content hosted on its Technet and MSDN sites for some time now. Now Microsoft has launched a new offer (Q&A) to replace both Technet and MSDN. Advertising

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European Union Privacy Watchguard, the GDPR and Microsoft

[German]Next turn in Microsoft and data protection regulation. The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) have now again expressed concerns regarding the conformity of Microsoft products with regard to the GDPR. The EDPS is working to ensure that the same data … Continue reading

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SONiC: Microsoft’s Open Source Network OS

[German]Microsoft is also engaged in Open Source – and they develop internally an Open Source network operating system for Cloud applications, called SONiC. Here is some information. Advertising

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Microsoft Security Advisories July 2019

[German]One more small addendum: In July 2019 Microsoft published some security advisories, which I don’t want to withhold from you. Among other things there is an update in PowerShell Core 6.1.5 and 6.2.2 to fix a security vulnerability. Advertising

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Rollback: Microsoft doesn’t cut internal use rights for its Gold and Silver partners

[German]Microsoft decided to cancel its plans to remove the internal use rights (IUR) for owners of an action pack or for licenses granted to its Gold and Silver partners. That’s the news of the day. Advertising

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Microsoft slaps its silver and gold partners

[German]Microsoft is currently slapping its Silver and Gold partners and Action Pack buyer with some changes to the ‘terms and conditions’ that make them much worse. Internal use licenses of Action Pack will be removed, and support calls are charged. … Continue reading

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fai.music.metaservices.microsoft.com service down forever

[German]Brief information for Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center users. The service required for these programs is down. It looks like Microsoft has shut down the servers. Advertising

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CERN goes Open Source, bye-bye Microsoft

It is an interesting development that is currently emerging at the CERN research facilities. They have set up the ‘Microsoft Alternatives project’ (MAlt) to switch to Open Source Software (OSS) in the coming years. Reason: Increasing license demands from Microsoft. … Continue reading

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