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Steam has endet support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on January 1, 2024

[German]The time has come: The Steam platform has discontinued support for Windows 7, Windows 8.0 and Windows 8.1 as of January 1, 2024. This means that Steam client installations on these operating systems will no longer receive )(security) updates with … Continue reading

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Gaming platform Steam with serious vulnerabilities

[German]The gaming platform Steam have had serious vulnerabilities. Security researchers from Check Point have discovered that attackers can exploit the bugs found to repeatedly crash a player's session. Taking over a victim's computer or infecting all other computers connected to … Continue reading

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How to find weak passwords in Active Directory and eliminate them with PowerShell

[Sponsored Post]Weak or compromised passwords are a known gateway for attackers. If you are able to identify which users in Active Directory (AD) are threatened by this, then PowerShell can help to remedy it. However, PowerShell scripts cannot eliminate basic AD deficits, other tools are needed for this. More ...

Steam exploit left Millions of users vulnerable since 10 years

A security researcher found a vulnerability on steam platform. This serious vulnerability allows hackers to overtake control of steam users computer. The flaw has been there since 10 years. Advertising

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Summer Sale: Cyber attack on #Steam server?

[German]Has Valve and it's platform Steam a victim of a cyber attack? There are rumors, that Steam's server will be hit by a massive DDoS attack. Advertising

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