Microsoft: Windows 10 V1803 is business ready, install it …

Are you responsible in a business environment for Windows 10 rollout? Are you ready for a good joke? Well, here we come: Microsoft says Windows 10 V1803 is business ready.


I've addressed this topic early June 2018 within my German blog post Windows 10: CB, CBB, SAC-T – Babylon im Microsoft-Kosmos. The excerpt in brief: Microsoft decided to change many things for Windows as a service (WaaS). So the names Current Branch (CB) and Current Branch for Business (CBB) introduced with Windows 10 are now obsolete. Microsoft now uses Semi Annual Channel (SAC) and Semi Annual Channel (Targeted) SAC-T as abbreviations for new Windows 10 versions.

Windows as a service: Servicing Framework
(Source: Microsoft)

Also waiting and testing Windows 10 feature upgrades before deployment was quotes as 'old school' from Microsoft. John Wilcox from Microsoft has published an article Moving from project to process: digital transformation with Windows as a service end of March 2018, explaining some changes. This article attempts to prepare the basis for some changes in the process of how Microsoft Windows 10 would like to roll out function updates in companies. Microsoft is trying to switch from a project-based to a process based approach to function updates. At the end of May 2018 Wilcox then added the blog article Windows 10 and the "disappearing" SAC-T.

Companies are able to delay deployment of feature updates. But Microsoft believes that organizations should adopt the same approach as end users, starting with targeted implementations to validate applications, devices and infrastructures within the enterprise. The goal for companies is, to begin a broad deployment of a new Windows 10 build once validation was complete.

Windows 10 V1803 is SAC – and business ready …

And I've had the article Windows 10 V1803 is 'Semi-annual' ready – seriously? in mid of June 2018 within my blog, addressing some of this questions.


Crysta T. Lacey‏ @PhantomofMobile has brought this back to my attention recently with a tweet – and I recognized, I haven't blogged about that in English. So I like to point out, what's going on.

According to the following Table published on Microsoft's web site Windows 10 release information, Windows 10 V1803, Build 17134.137 (latest revision date 6/26/2018) has reached Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted). This means (thanks Crysta T. Lacey for this hint): This build is only ready for targeted machines – not for all machines …

Windows 10 Servicing Option
(Source : Microsoft; Click to Zoom)

But Microsoft wrote in foot note (1): Windows 10, version 1803 designation has been updated to reflect the servicing option available in the operating system and to reflect existing deferral policies. We recommend organizations broadly deploy the latest version of Windows 10 when they are ready, and not wait until the "Targeted" designation has been removed. This means: Microsoft says this build is ready for broad deployment in enterprises.

Really? I've published recently the article Windows 10 April Update: Bugs and Issues. The German pendant received up today 138 comments from my readers. Most of them are reporting small and bigger or serious issues. Some earlier issues has been fixed by cumulative updates. But there are still a lot of issues in Windows 10 V1803. Do you thing, Windows 10 V1803 is business ready? Will you follow Microsoft's advise and deploy Windows 10 V1803 within your enterprise environment?

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