Windows Defender with Update issues (01/30/2019)?

[German]Just a brief notification for users of Windows Defender. It've seen independant reports, that Windows Defender has issues and can't update since today.


A first error mentions

During surfing the web I came across a tweet from Barb Bowman mentions issues with Windows Defender updates.

This draw my attention, because Barb mentioned four machines affected with Windows Defender update issues – can't check for updates. Trying things like reset BITS and Windows Update or restarting Windows doesn't helps.

There was something …

Something rang within my head, because I just recognized two minutes before (was still in the short-term memory) I had seen a similar message at German site Dr. Windows. Had I ignored and not read it – so I quickly navigated back and took a closer look. There a user started a thread on 01/30/2019 shortly after midnight with the following error description:

Today, around midnight, I almost had a heart attack. When updating the Defender to version 1.285.440.0, he first hung himself up and later asked for the process to be repeated.

Sounds similar: Windows Defender does not get an update here either and hangs up. When checking the Defender status, the user was informed that he was up to date with Defender. The Security Center's Protection Updates page displays version 1.285.440.0 for the affected user. The user also states that Windows Defender is suddenly suspecting apps, which was not the case before.


There is no solution mentioned within the thread. You could try to try the actions given within my German blog post Windows Defender: Keine Signatur-Updates mehr (8.11.2018) to delete the threat definitions. I don't know, if that helps. Anyone else affected?

More issues since last Update?

But during my short research I came across two tweets that suggest that maybe January 2019 updates could have some impact.

In the above tweet, a user complains that Defender has been consuming quite some CPU power since the last update. And another user reports that the update KB4052623 for the Windows Defender antimalware platform (KB contribution has been updated on 28.1.2019) is causing trouble.

But there are issues with bootmanager/loader under Windows Server 2019. Addendum: I got a feedback to the feed above.

If you affected, check this hint. More details at Windows Defender Update KB4052623 is causing Secure Boot issues (01/28/2019).

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