Windows 7 Pro users receiving notification about support end

win7 [German]Microsoft begins (according to media reports and an addition to a support article) three months before the end of support to also display a notification about EOL in Windows 7 Professional. Addendum: The update that's causing this notification ist now kown.


The Windows 7 Nag Screen

I myself haven't received this notification yet. But Mary Foley spotted the note, Microsoft has added to this article.

Oct. 15, 2019 – We are now extending the notifications discussed below to Windows 7 Pro devices to ensure our customers are aware of the end of support for Windows 7 and can take action to remain productive and secure.
Devices that are domain-joined as a part of an IT-managed infrastructure will not receive the notifications.

So it seems that Microsoft has decided to deliver the notification update also to Windows 7 Pro.

Some Background information

The topic itself is not really new, because the end of support on 14 January 2019 has been known for a long time. In April 2019, Microsoft had also begun to draw attention to this end of support. I had reported in the blog post Windows 7 shows End of Support notification as well as in other blog posts on the topic.

Update KB4493132 for Windows 7 SP1 Home Edition

Windows 7 SP1 Support End Notification is enabled by Microsoft Update KB4493132. Microsoft writes to the Windows 7 SP1 support notification update:

After 10 years of servicing, January 14, 2020, is the last day Microsoft will offer security updates for computers running Windows 7 SP1. This update enables reminders about Windows 7 end of support.

This update is available through Windows Update. If automatic updates are enabled, this update is automatically downloaded and installed. The update does not require any prerequisites or restart after installation.


Addendum: The update that's causing this notification ist now kown. I've published a separate article Windows 7 Pro: Update KB4524752 display EOL notification.

Information from Microsoft in a FAQ

I had explained the background to this update in the blog post Microsoft announces Windows 7 End of Life. At the same time, Microsoft announced that from April 2019, Windows 7 users should expect a notification of the end of support to be displayed on their Windows 7 PC.

Windows 7 EOL-Nag-Screen
(Windows 7 EOL-Nag-Screen, Source: Bleeping Computer)

So far, however, this update has only been rolled out to owners of Windows 7 Home Edition and Windows 7 Ultimate. I explained this in more detail in the blog post Windows 7: Details about notification update KB4493132.

Suppress the notification

The easiest way to suppress further notifications is the checkbox shown in the dialog box (see picture above). But it is also possible to block the display via a registry entry. Bleeping Computer mentioned that within this article.


With the following content of a .reg file you can hide the notification.


Simply save it into a .reg file using the editor and import it into a user account by double-clicking on it. Furthermore you can check in Windows 7 Professional which updates are offered. If the update KB4493132 is below it, you hide it. Maybe the information will help you.

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4 Responses to Windows 7 Pro users receiving notification about support end

  1. EP says:

    hi guenni.

    as of WED 10/16 at 11:20am pacific local time, I ran a WU search on a relative's Dell computer running Win7 Pro and the KB4493132 update has NOT been offered.

    so far it's uncertain as to how (or if or even when) MS will deliver the EOL notifications to Win7 Pro users. right now Win7 Pro users are exempt from getting them though it may change either late this month or next month.

  2. EP says:

    well guenni, it seems some Win7 pro users are recently seeing it but with a different update – KB4524752

    this new one provides the EOL nags specifically for Win7 pro users – gonna hide this one if windows update offers it on a PC running Win7 Pro

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