Free Surface Laptop 3 repair for cracked screens

[German]Owners of a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 whose display suddenly shows cracks may be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Microsoft has started to repair such devices free of charge if their screen is not cracked by an obvious fall.


A production issue causes display cracks?

In early 2020, reports of spontaneous screens cracks of Surface Laptop 3 devices began to accumulate.

I had mentioned that issue within my blog post Surface Laptop 3: Does a serial error crack screens? The following tweet indicates that Microsoft is investigating the problem.

Mary Foley had confirmed this in this article in mid-February 2020. Problems with displays have already occurred with older Surface models. The Surface Pro 4 had problems with screen flicker. In this old case Microsoft finally replaced the affected units.


Free display repair for Surface Laptop 3

I didn't pursue it any further because I don't use surface devices (too expensive, too many issues). But on May 8th, 2020 Microsoft published this support article

Surface Laptop 3 cracked screen reported incidents

We have investigated claims of screen cracking on Surface Laptop 3 and have determined that, in a very small percentage of cases, a hard foreign particle may cause a hairline fracture in the glass that may seem to appear unexpectedly or without visible cause. 

In Kurzfassung: Microsoft hat die Fälle gerissener Displays beim Surface Laptop 3 untersucht. In einer geringen Anzahl von Geräten (liegt im Prozentbereich) haben Fremdpartikel wohl zu unerwarteten Haarrissen im Display geführt.

If affected individuals believe that their Surface Laptop 3 (13- and 15-inch units) is experiencing this problem, they should contact Microsoft Support to initiate a free repair during the warranty period of the unit. Anyone affected?

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