Edge Update KB4559309 may slow down Windows 10

Windows Update[German]Microsoft rolls out the new Chromium Edge for Windows 10  on a broad base. Some users are facing a slowed down Windows 10 after installing Chromium Edge update KB4559309. Now Microsoft has confirmed the issue and seeks for user feedback.


With the Edge-Rollout, Microsoft once again demonstrated real pusher methods. Popups, which aggressively pushed the update to the new Edge browser, angered many users. I hadn't discussed it here in the blog, but already in early July 2020 I got this tweet where someone complained about stalking from Redmond. In mid-July 2020, blogs like this one took up, how Microsoft was acting again. 

As an irony of history I interpret the fact that I first came across it on Twitter. The ISO installation image of Windows 10 2004 does not roll out the new chromium edge, but the old legacy edge (see also).

Slow Windows 10 performance with the new Edge

After Microsoft shipped the Chromium Edge via update KB4559309 , some users complained about a slower Windows 10, but I don't use the Edge (it's lame on Windows 7 and if possible I use the Chrome). In early June 2020, for example, Microsoft Answers had this thread about performance issues. Windows Latest  had this post at the end of June 2020 about 'the new Edge slows down Windows'.  In this Microsoft Answers forum thread another user complains about this in mid-June 2020.

[Windows update installing the new Edge browser] Update KB4559309 Makes Computer Unbearably Slow

Last night I updated my windows 10 pro using KB:4559309. Since then my computer performance has absolutely tanked. my startup time is probably triple, loading any window has a few second delay.

I attempted to uninstall the update however windows tells me that it is required and cannot be removed.

This update has essentially rendered my brand new computer useless.

Please help!

A community moderator (recently called a volunteer moderator because he is allowed to help) writes that the Microsoft Edge development team is investigating the whole thing.  

I have spoken to Missy Quarry, from the Edge team, and they are investigating this problem. However, they really need more details submitted though the Feedback Hub on Windows 10. 

To submit feedback, please go to start > Feedback Hub.

So if you are bothered by something like this, you should give feedback to Microsoft. It's unfair dialectic now: But what is Microsoft doing with all its captured telemetry data? Shouldn't they be there for exactly this kind of thing? (via)

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