Windows Update KB4034664 is causing trouble on 2nd screen

[German]It seems, that Microsoft’s Update KB4034664 (and KB4034679) for Windows 7 and Windows Server is causing display issues with several applications on a second screen. I’ve seen issues with PDF viewer, Excel, Office 2013, JAVA and Irfanview. Here are some more details and maybe a workaround


Update KB4034664 for Windows 7 SP1

Update KB4034664 (August Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1) (and KB4034679) contains improvements and bug fixes for Microsoft JET Database Engine, Common Log File System driver, in Windows search, in Volume Manager driver, in Internet Explorer, and in Windows kernel-mode drivers.

Display issues on 2nd screen

First I stumbled about reports discussing issues with displaying pdf documents with PDFXchange Viewer on a 2nd screen. Currently I  only have a German forum entry, where users are discussing about this issue. One user wrote (freely translated):

I just have seen, that Version 2.5 of PDFXchange Viewer has issues, if the PDF document shall be viewed on a 2nd monitor. On the primary screen the PDF document will be shown properly.

The PDF document will be distorted on the second monitor or will not be displayed. After uninstalling KB4034664, everything works again. Updating the graphics driver won’t fix.

In normal cases, I have had not recognized this forum post. But this comment confirmed the issue within the newest software version:

This happens also with the current build of PDF XChange Editor (6.0.322.6). Also IrfanView, and sometimes Adobe Reader has this issue.

Within this comments (German) a user describes the issue in detail. The issue occurs on the 2nd monitor, where the rendering is broken. It seems that I is independent of the graphics card used within the system (see this German commend).

Note: There is an update for PDF Xchange Viewer – as you can read here. They wrote ‘Added a workaround for a bug in a Windows 7 update – possible rendering issues when KB4034664 is applied to Windows 7 systems that have ‘Desktop Composition’ turned off.’

A user mentioned JAVA display issues on a 2nd screen. This reminds me on my German blog post Probleme nach Microsoft August-Updates. Within this article I mentioned issues with Excel after update. The icons from VBA editor is vanishing on an 2nd screen.

Searching the Internet brought me to this Technet forum post, where some user reported issues with Office 2013 on a 2nd monitor:

We have 2008 R2 Term server that has Office 2013.  It’s a guest on a VMWare host.
When our users that are running Dell desktops with dual monitors RDP in, they are having issues with Office 2013 on the second monitor ONLY.  On the second monitor only, the Office applications will have shadows, the scrollbars, the text along the top of the window, and the minimum and maximize icons will be all messed up.

(Source: Technet)

I found also another entry within NVIDIA-Forum, where video issues are reported after installing Update KB4034664. And here somebody reported a black Mathlab display on a 2nd monitor. Also a user comment here reported similar issues.

Office 2013 Refresh issues during RDS sessions

Another isssue has been reported at MS Answers within this forum thread. Users observing a missing refresh in Office Pro 2013 on multiple monitors running on Microsoft Server 2008 R2 using a RDS session. The issue is caused by Update KB4034664.

A Workaround?

The first solution will be uninstalling Update KB4034664 to fix this issue. Within this comment a user says, that rendering works flawless, after he activated an Aero design/theme:

What helped was, activating an Windows 7 Aero design. After activating Aero, a broken frame was rendered correctly. Switching back to an Aero-less design/theme broke rendering again.

Addendum: The PDF Xchange Viewer changelog (see above) mentioned a workaround ‘for a bug in a Windows 7 update’ causing possible rendering issues when KB4034664 is applied to Windows 7 systems that have ‘Desktop Composition’ turned off.’ On is this tutorial showing how to enable/disable ‘Desktop Composition’. Maybe it helps too.

If somebody is affected, maybe you can left a comment, whether the workaround helped.

Further details about the issue

Addendum: Note the blog post Graphics Bug in Windows 7 after installing August 2017 Security Updates from Christian Schwarz with additional details (see also his comment below). He wrote:

The monitors are setup such that certain parts of the screen have negative screen positions. For example a secondary monitor is setup to be left of the main monitor. Or a monitor is setup to have a higher top border than the main monitor.

His assumption, that a local administrator account isn’t showing this issue, isn’t true. I have seen reports, where the issue was reproducible on admin accounts. Overall we need to wait for another patch from Microsoft to fix the issue.

Warning, issues in medical environments

Note also the comment (in German) from a Swiss company with a warning to install the update in medical environments on Windows 7 systems with a 2nd monitor. The system will become practical useless due to the rendering bug, because medical images can’t be shown anymore.


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16 Responses to Windows Update KB4034664 is causing trouble on 2nd screen

  1. Patrick Bonamy says:

    same issue for me with the mixer from Magix Samplitude sofware (DAW).
    I have three screens with two different display card one Nvidia and one AMD, only the first screen works well.
    I uninstall the patch and all is OK.

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  3. Bill says:

    I can confirm this issue with IrfanView and other another app I use, JBidwatcher. Re-enabling Desktop Composition did make the problem go away. Desktop Composition comes with a performance hit, however minor, and makes Windows prettier than I need it to be. Hopefully there will be a fix for this in a future update.

  4. Jos Wesdijk says:

    The same here. With the photo management software ACDSee (Pro 9 and 10) the view-mode doesn’t work on second screen. Uninstalling KB4034664 ”solved” the issue.

  5. NineBerry says:

    The issue actually appears when graphics are displayed on a part of the screen that has negative screen coordinates. This can happen when some of your screens are configured left of your main screen or when the upper borders of the secondary screens are configured to be higher than the upper border of the main screen.

    Workaround: In the Windows Monitor Setup, make sure, your most left monitor is the main monitor and that the secondary monitors on the right are not positioned higher than the main monitor.

  6. ANO says:


    das Microsoft-Sicherheitsupdate KB4034664 (als Package installiert mit KB4034679) für Windows 7 SP1 wurde am 08.08.2017 freigegeben.

    Aufgrund erster Rückmeldungen zu auftretenden Fehlfunktionen mit Befundungsmonitoren (aktuell Barco- und EIZO-Monitore) empfehlen wir, das Sicherheitsupdate für Bildwiedergabesysteme mit medizinischen Befundungsmonitoren nicht einzuspielen.

    Wenn Sie das Sicherheitsupdate KB4034664 bereits installiert und Probleme bei der Bilddarstellung festgestellt haben, empfehlen wir, dieses umgehend wieder zu deinstallieren.

    Betroffen sind nur Windows 7 Betriebssysteme, bei denen die grafische Benutzeroberfläche Windows Aero deaktiviert ist.

    Des Weiteren betrifft es nur Grafikkarten der Serien MXRT XXXX (in Verwendung mit Barco Monitoren) und MED-X XXXX (in Verwendung mit EIZO Monitoren), sowie andere ATI-basierte Karten von AMD.

    Es tritt nur bei einigen JAVA-Anwendungen auf, welche spezielle grafische Routinen verwenden und führt zu Darstellungsproblemen der gesamten Anwendung. Betroffen davon sind die nicht als Hauptbildschirm definierten Monitore. Die JAVA-Anwendung kann in Folge dessen nicht mehr bestimmungsgemäß verwendet werden.

    Folgende Möglichkeiten bestehen, um das Problem zu umgehen/beseitigen.

    1. Verzicht auf die Installation des Sicherheitsupdates KB4034664
    2. Aktivierung von Windows Aero, wobei dann vermutlich mit kleinen Performance-Einbußen zu rechnen ist

    Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis und Ihre Kooperation.

    Freundliche Grüße,
    Agfa HealthCare

  7. Robert Ebeling says:

    After installing KB4034679 , MSTSC to PC at work and when opening Outlook 2013 (15.0.4953.1001) MSO (15.0.4945.1001) on that PC, with my remote PC having multimonitor set up, the Outlook program gui is not fully visualized or with lack of better description, blotched with the windows background. Uninstalling KB4034679 resolved the issue.

  8. parville says:

    We got the problem in an Call Center for EMS !
    Now that we have found your post, we discovered that it depends of the relative position between the two screens. If left screen is #2 and right screen is #1, no trouble ?!

    • guenni says:

      Try it – see also Christan Schwarz’s post within the comments and my addendum.

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  10. arjan says:

    all our HP 81xx and 86xx series shared printers stop working after KB4034664 is installed. Didn’t find much about our issue, but we’ve uninstalled it.

  11. Patrick Bonamy says:

    Same issue with KB4034670!!!

  12. Patrick Bonamy says:

    If a machine has more than one monitor connected and the screen numbering is not in sequence, some applications will experience rendering issues.
    Enable Desktop Composition (needs graphics card support).
    Make sure that the main monitor is on the top left in the monitor layout.

    From Windows support;
    It’s working for me

  13. puustain says:

    I have similar problems with Java, even with Java Control Panel. When I start it in my normal setup on main monitor on right, it works fine. After draging it to screen #2 on the left, it stops working (obviously rendering issues). When I change the order of the screens, Java Control Panel runs normally on both screens.
    When I run a java application (JOSM in my case) in a “proper screen order” (main monitor on top left) and try to resize the main window in the 2nd screen on the rigth, it won´t redraw the main window.

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