PowerToys 0.21.1, 0.22.0-Experimental

[German]Microsoft released version 0.21.1 of PowerToys a few hours ago as a bug-fix update for Windows 10 users. These tools are free of charge and offer additional features for Windows 10. Additionally the developers are now starting to create something like previews, the 0.22.0-Experimental is here.


The announcement came to my attention during the night on Twitter about this post by Clint Rutkas. The release of version 0.21 seems to have never happened, so they skipped a build.

PowerToys 0.21.1 with bug fixes

The goals for the 0.21 release cycle were to focus on stability, localization and quality improvements for both the development team and users. The release notes on GitHub indicate the following changes: 

PT Run:

  • Removed need for space in action keywords. This means you now can type >ipconfig
  • Icon caches fixed and now has colored icons
  • Improved font rendering via ClearType (Shout out to @AnuthaDev doing the heavy lifting here)
  • Result speed improvements
  • URLs are supported
  • Fixed bugs including calculating bugs


  • Win+Arrow key is directional based on zone rect
  • Fixed bugs



  • Fixed toast notifications running elevated from non-admin account

Shortcut Guide:

  • Improved vkey catching which will fix some use cases of it not showing up

SVG in File Explorer:

  • Embedded image tags will now render in Explorer

Color Picker:

  • Fixed bug where it would launch via false positive keystrokes


  • Settings, PT Run and KBM undergoing improvements


  • Pipeline is now setup and will be doing a full E2E pass on all utilities shortly.

Dev quality of life improvements:

  • Continued warning count reduction. This release ~80 removed
  • StyleCop enabled E2E
  • FxCop starting to be added in E2E

The download is available on GitHub.

PowerToys 0.22.0-Experimental

Microsoft has also released a PowerToys 0.22.0-Experimental build. This version contains the experimental mute function for video conferences and everything from version 0.21.1, but there are still some problems with the build.

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