Fix for printing error in Windows 10 coming, more Windows printing issues (Nov. 2021)

Windows[German]It looks like Microsoft is preparing a fix that should correct printer errors that occur on network printers due to PrintNightmare updates. At least that's what a new Windows 10 Insider Preview tells us. Furthermore, I came across a report from an administrator who is noticing increased printer problems shortly after the November 2021 patchday. His network printers disappear from the dialog boxes.


Printers disappear under Windows

It was a short message in a German Facebook group for administrators that caught my attention. An administrator wrote a few days ago:

We have a lot of problems in our company with printers that just disappear. On the one hand there are network printers connected via a print server and installed on the clients, on the other hand e.g. the Adobe PDF Printer disappears again and again from various computers. We have not yet been able to identify a pattern as to why and when this happens.

The administrator asks if anyone knows about the issue and if there might be an approach to fix it. The advice given there was to install the latest updates and set up the printers for point-and-print restrictions.

Windows 10 21H1 update KB5007253 fixes printer errors

As of November 16, 2021, Microsoft has released Windows 10 21H1 update KB5007253 for Windows Insiders testing in the Release Preview channel. In the description of this update, the following notes can be found in the long list of many fixes:

We fixed a known issue that causes error codes 0x000006e4, 0x0000007c, or 0x00000709 when connecting to a remote printer that is shared on a Windows print server.

However, this is a printing error that has been bothering many network printer administrators for a while. Hopefully, the patch will fix the problem and this update can be released next Tuesday.

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