Windows 11 upgrade for compatible devices in final availability phase (Jan. 2022)

Windows[German]Microsoft has entered the final phase and increased the pace of the Windows 11 rollout on compatible Windows 10 devices. Released on October 5, 2021, the operating system can now be installed on all compatible devices as an upgrade by all interested users, according to Microsoft's latest announcement. But I wonder where the compatible devices are coming from and who is upgrading to Windows 11?


Windows 11 upgrade offer for all

It's a message dated January 26, 2022 that I found in the Windows 11 Release Health Dashboard. There, in the Windows 11 Know Issues section, Microsoft writes that the Windows 11 rollout is now in its final stages. They are now distributing the upgrade to all eligible – i.e. compatible, Windows 10 devices. 

Windows 11 Release-Health-Dashboard

In the above text Microsoft says that the Windows 11 upgrade offer  has entered the final phase of availability. The operating system is now slated by Microsoft for broad deployment to eligible devices. Microsoft writes that it has seen strong demand for Windows 11 since its launch in October. The number of updates on eligible PCs is double that of Windows 10, it says, and because of this trend, Microsoft is accelerating the rollout and moving up this final phase of Windows 11 availability from mid-2022 to early 2022.

Eligible devices must be compatible with Windows 11 hardware requirements and have Windows 10 version 2004 or later. Further, it is required that the September 14, 2021 or later security update be installed. Only then is it possible to upgrade to Windows 11. Compatibility can be determined with the PC Health Check app. The system requirements can be read here.

Those who want to accept the free upgrade offer to Windows 11 and have a suitable device can open the Windows Update page in the settings and select Check for updates. Once the upgrade is available for the device, the option to download and install will be displayed. 


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