Windows 11: Performance issues with NVMe-SSDs?

Windows[German]A brief question for the readers of this blog who are already running Windows 11 on NVMe SSDs. What about the performance in this constellation? There are reports from users in forums who complain about slow accesses with NVMe SSDs under Windows 11. Some report more than 50% performance loss compared to Windows 10.


Post on Microsoft Answers

In Microsoft's Answers forum, there is a post Windows 11 only has 45% of random write speed in Nvme SSD from October 17, 2021, which already names the question in the headline. The NVMe SSD only gets 45% of random write speed in Windows 11 compared to Windows 10. The user posted the following comparison of the performance data in the forum.

Windows 11: NVMe SSD Benchmark

In the forum post, the user then ran the same benchmark for Windows 10 (but with CrystalDiskMark 7.0.0) with the same SSD model and measured the following values:

Windows 10: NVMe SSD Benchmark

In the Random 4K test (RND4K Q32T16), the NVMe SSD drops to 983.50 MB/s in the write rate in Windows 11, while Windows 10 manages 2124.78 MB/s there. The differences are much smaller when writing sequentially to the NVMe SSD. The user writes about the measurements:


As you see above, the other performance is about the same, but in RND 4K Q32 T16 the speed has dropped significantly. I know that because the two software versions are different and the condition of the computer is different, it is normal for the performance to fluctuate, but this performance also dropped too much, and the performance remained stable low after many tests at different times.

The user mentions random tests and notes that although two different software versions of CrystalDiskMark were used on the test computers, these serious performance differences cannot be explained. Other users confirm these observations in principle.

Posts on

Also on there is this post, which deals with the different write speeds in NVMe SSDs in the Random 4K test. A concerned person writes:

So i noticed that NVMe 4k random write speed are almost halved and read access time tripled in windows 11 compared to windows 10. I tried even in safe boot mode and same thing. Tests i used are AS SSD Benchmark and CrystalDiskMark 8. Drivers are updated and windows 11 build is 22000.176. Windows 10 version was 21H1.

Serious differences in the write test are also determined here – as the published screenshots show. A second post Windows 11 bug — has crippled SSD (NVMe) Random Write Speeds from November 2021 blames the whole thing on a bug. This thread links to those test results. In the tech community, there is this post from September 26, 2021, where the performance issues are also reported. Three months ago, a Microsoft employee from the file system team came forward in the post and wrote that they were investigating this issue. However, I'm not aware of a fix yet – and the last post in the Microsoft Answer forums thread is from December 2, 2021. At neowin, they've compiled more findings in this article. Anyone affected?

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