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Windows 10: Avast-Bug blocks app launch

[German]In Windows 10, some users had the problem that certain programs suddenly stopped starting. Now the cause is known: Avast and AVG security solutions were preventing these programs from starting. Advertising

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Security: AVAST disables JavaScript in AV program

[German]A serious vulnerability in its antivirus solutions has forced the security provider AVAST to disable JavaScript in its products for security reasons. Here are a few details. Advertising

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Firefox Addons from AVG/AVAST back in store

[German]The antivirus addons from AVG and AVAST, which has been removed from Mozilla addon store early this months are back now. It seems that the vendor has resolved the issues with Mozilla. Advertising

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Issues with Avast v18.6.2349 in Windows

[German]Users of Avast antivirus solutions seem to have been experiencing issues on Windows since late August 2018. This is probably due to an update to version 18.6.2349, which was released for Avast on August 28/29, 2018. Advertising

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Stack Buffer Overflow vulnerability in AVAST antivirus

[German]AVAST antivirus have had a vulnerability that allows a Remote Stack Buffer Overflow with Magic Numbers. The issues has been patched already. Advertising

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