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Tip: Delete Hyper-V VMs with a GUI tool

If you use Hyper-V on Windows, you can add, run, or remove guest operating systems from the Hypere-V administrative Console. More convenient would be a tool with GUI to delete VMs. Advertising

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Windows 10 Auto deployment via In-place upgrade

[German]In enterprise environments, administrators may face the problem of having to distribute Windows 10 upgrades automatically, possibly via SCCM or similar tools. Here is a solution, using a batch file to deploy an in-place upgrade approach for Windows 10. Advertising

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Uninstalling ‘uninstallable’ Windows Updates

[German]Some Windows updates are installed as permanent and doesn’t offer an uninstall option. This blog post shows how to force uninstalling such update packages (works from Windows 7 up to Windows 10). Advertising

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