Edge crashes from 07/31/2020 fixed by Microsoft and Google

Edge[German]Microsoft and Google have fixed am issue that drove some users crazy: The Edge Browser crashed under several circumstances during typing in Omnibox. The Edge development team found the cause and Google then cleaned up the code.


At the end of July 2020, users of the Chromium Edge were suddenly annoyed by crashes. A possible bug in Microsoft Edge caused the browser to crash when users started typing something into the Omnibox. This only happens if Google was configured as the default search engine in Edge. Microsoft confirmed the problem after users reported social platforms. I had added all this in this blog post. But it should only affect the developer and canary version of the Chromium browser. But Microsoft has announced that Edge is affected by the problem.

Are you seeing Edge crash when trying to type into the address bar? The team is looking into it! In the meantime, as a workaround, please turn off Search Suggestions here: edge://settings/search. We’ll follow up once we have more!

Microsoft then suggested (see the tweet above) to change the search provider. Because the error did not occur if:

  • The search suggestions were deactivated and the users switched to Bing as search engine
  • When the InPrivate Browsing mode was used

If you have had these crashes switching off the search suggestions may solve it (as a workaround) .


According to the above tweet, Microsoft is said to have fixed the crash bug now. The change of the search provider can be considered undone.(via)

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