Windows 11: Printer issues affect more manufacturers, and scan/document software compatibility

Windows[German]It looks like the problems reported by Brother in a support post regarding USB printers under Windows 11 are expanding. It seems that devices from other manufacturers also cause problems when printing when connected to the Windows 11 computer via USB. In addition, there are also reports that the document software, used for scanning with multifunction devices, among other things, could have compatibility problems.


Brother printing issues known

With Brother printers and multifunction devices, there is a problem under Windows 11 that devices connected to the USB port are not recognized and may not be able to print. It is also the case that the settings for Brother devices cannot be changed if more than one of these devices is connected via USB port.

There is a corresponding warning from the printer manufacturer Brother, which states that Brother is currently checking the compatibility of the printers with Windows 11. The manufacturer's recommendation is to refrain from switching to Windows 11 at this time. Those who have already switched over and run into problems should connect the Brother devices via WLAN or via network if possible (if this is possible) in order to be able to print. I had reported more details on this issue in the blog post Windows 11: App issues and Brother USB printers doesn't print.

Some users were able to resolve the issue by uninstalling all printer drivers in Windows Device Manager and then disconnecting the USB connection to the device. After rebooting and reconnecting the Brother device, the printer drivers could be installed and the device works on the USB port.

Other printer manufacturers probably affected

There are also user reports suggesting that devices from other printer manufacturers also cause problems at the USB port. The colleagues at German sites and Dr. Windows have received corresponding comments. 

  • User Birkuli reports here that his OKI Laser Printer MC563DN was not found at the USB port and he could only print via LAN. The user was later able to solve this problem via firmware update. 
  • User ThorstenBerlin reports here that he has to restart his HP laptop (HP 17-ca0563ng) so that the print job sent to the HP 2630 printer (connected via USB, same problem with WLAN) is executed. 
  • User FZ61 had to turn on the HP Deskjet printer connected via USB hub on a Surface Go 2 before booting Windows 11. Otherwise he could not print – but after several reboots the problem was solved (possibly drivers were updated only by the reboots – maybe this helps someone).
  • User Luccabrasi reports, that his Canon Pixma 2550 was not recognized on the USB port under Windows 11, so he could not print.
  • User FactorN writes here that his Epson XP-640 printer isn't printing, it only makes a sound every few seconds and the print heads move a bit.  

It's isolated cases, but these posts indicating, that driver support may be a thing in Windows 11.

Scan/Document Software Compatibility issues

In the warning of the printer manufacturer Brother there is also the hint that they also check different applications for compatibility with Windows 11.


  • Presto!® PageManager®: PageManager allows you to scan, manage, convert, save and send documents and images in popular file formats (PDF or Microsoft Office formats).
  • Presto! ImageFolio: ImageFolio is a comprehensive multimedia image editing program that allows processing photos, graphics and drawings captured from scanners, VCRs, laser discs, digital cameras, video recording devices and other places.
  • PaperPort™: Is a software solution from Nuance that lets you scan, assemble, manage, search and share all the business records, notes, papers, documents and photos you encounter in the office. The software gives anytime access to files in the cloud from anywhere.
  • BookScan&WhiteBoard Suite: A software suite that can, among other things, combine scanned book pages into a document.

Those who use the above software products, possibly with Brother multifunction devices, should wait to upgrade to Windows 11.

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3 Responses to Windows 11: Printer issues affect more manufacturers, and scan/document software compatibility

  1. EP says:

    about FactorN's Epson XP-640 printer problem, try downloading & installing/updating to the latest driver from Epson support:

    Epson does have Win11 compatible printer drivers for XP-640 in my region

    and recently Microsoft is confirming more printer issues with Windows 11:

  2. Mircea says:

    I'm on windows 11 dev and starting from like 5 releases ago can't print on my HP Laser Jet Pro M501 conected on USB (using the dell monitor usb hub). If the printer is ON when starting the pc then it works. If the printer is OFF and I start it when the pc is running then I will get Printing Error ..if I restart te pc will print the documents..

  3. IT Department - Large company I won't name. says:

    The Windows 11 USB issue I can confirm exists with late model HP and Canon business class laser printer/scanner/fax machines. I can get them to function well over TCP/IP connections but USB for scanning is a no go and printing is a no go unless you whack all drivers then install the printer manually with the generic driver. This is ridiculously shit support. I manage an office of 90 workstations and won't upgrade another to W11 until this gets resolved. We can always network them and get around this junk support but this is not much of a surprise sad to say. Microsoft has a history of releasing untested garbage. Grrrrrrr

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