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Azure: Ups, we are down again

It seems that Microsoft’s Azure didn’t work well during the last weeks. Again, Microsoft Azure service has issues since two days with login or performance.

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Advertising down

A brief information for people who are using and have problems with the registration or the mail transfer. It’s not up to you or your systems, Microsoft has some problems with

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Ignite 2018: New features for OneDrive announced

Microsoft is working hard behind the scenes to give its OneDrive clients new features. During the Ignite conference in Orlando last week some new features became known, If you like to know, what’s coming, Microsoft’s Stephen Rose has published a … Continue reading

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Ignite 2018: What’s new in Microsoft Azure

Just a brief info for people who are engaged into Microsoft Azure and Cloud. At the Ignite 2018 conference Microsoft presented some new features of Microsoft Azure including cloud services. 

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Dropbox ends support for Windows 8.1

[German]Users of Windows 8.1 systems using the online storage of Dropbox have to swallow a bitter pill. Dropbox has withdrawn its support for Windows 8.1.

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Windows 10: iCloud install Media Feature Pack is missing

[German]Some users of Windows 10 get a strange error message when trying to install Apple’s iCloud client. Windows says that that Media Feature Pack is missing. Here is some information about this issue.

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Security update for iCloud for Windows

A serious vulnerability in Apple’s HTML rendering engine WebKit also affects the iCloud client for Windows. Apple has now released a security update of the iCloud client to fix these vulnerabilities.

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Exchange and down in Europe?

It seems that Microsoft’s Exchange and services are down, at least in Europa – but I’ve seen also messages from Brazil. Users can’t access their e-mails.

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Microsoft Outlook: Fix for iCloud Sync problem

[German]Users of Microsoft Outlook are facing a problem: Syncing with iCloud fails after installing June 13, 2017 security updates. Here a few details and some fixes.

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Google brings Backup and Sync for Google Drive

Google just announced an update for Backup and Sync to save and sync local files from PC or Mac to Google Drive.

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