PDF printing issues with Adobe Reader under Windows (Jan. 2022)

Windows[German]It seems that the Adobe Reader DC is causing printin^g issues in Windows since January 2022. I received  reports that there have been issues with printing PDF documents since about 2 weeks. It is not an isolated case, because the information came from a company environment, where various users are affected by this effect. There are other readers confirming this behavior.


A 1st user report

Blog reader Cornelia H. contacted me by email yesterday and asked if I was aware of any PDF printing problems on Windows in conjunction with Adobe Reader.

Have you received any reports of PDF printing problems within the last two weeks?

We've had quite a few reports come in at the company. Interestingly, however, I can't find anything up to date on Google.

Cornelia made a post on German Microsoft Answers, which was rejected as expected (it's an end user forum). Therefore I pull out the information here and translated it.

Problem printing PDFs with Adobe Reader

Hello all

We have received various requests from users because they could not print PDFs from one moment to the next. Also the properties of the printer could not be opened then. The first request came in on January 10. At that time I assumed it was an isolated case. In the meantime, the problem exists with several users from different companies.

The only workaround that has worked for everyone so far is to run Adobe Acrobat Reader in Windows 8 compatibility mode. However, because this option is removed again during updates, this cannot be a permanent solution.

What else we have tried with individual users, each without success:

– Remove printer and add new one

– Update printer driver

– Uninstall Adobe Acrobat and install the latest version

– Latest Windows updates

– Update drivers and BIOS from HP

– Change default program for PDF files to Edge and switch back to Adobe Reader

– In the General Settings of Adobe Reader, uncheck "Show online storage when saving files".

Does anyone have the same problem?

Are there any other possible solutions?


It affects different types of printers (HP, Canon, Konica and others).

Most printers are installed and shared on a server. In today's request it concerned a local USB printer.

Die meisten Drucker sind auf einem Server installiert und freigegeben. Bei einer heutigen Anfrage betraf es einen lokaler USB-Drucker.

I then asked which versions of Adobe Reader might be affected and got the following feedback:

I did not check the Adobe Reader version for many users, but most of them probably have the same version installed.

For one user I compared the version with the one on my computer (Continuous Release | 2021.011.20039 | 64-bit).

For two other users I reinstalled the distribution version from *ttp://get.adobe.com/en/reader/enterprise/ (AcroRdrDC2101120039_en_DE.exe) – so ultimately the same version.

At Adobe there is the support article Acrobat Reader DC prints streaks from January 7, 2022, but it is not very enlightening. Because the post claims: The problem is fixed in the January 10, 2017 release of Acrobat DC and Reader DC. This support article was also updated on January 7, 2022, but it refers to a printing issue from 2021. In the Know Issues from January 7, 2022 for Adobe Reader, there is nothing that really fits either – and an entry for delayed printing on PCL 6 printers and a problem with the print dialog not opening. 

Confirmation in Adobe forum

One of my German blog readers posted the link to this Adobe support forum entry, where another user reported more details.


Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 64bit cannot print after Jan update

After installing Jan update, the Acrobat Reader 64-bit cannot print any document. However, when I de-install and then install 32-bit version. It has no problem. 

A lot of people in my group are using 64bit version. Anyone know what happen?

Many users  confirms the same issue.

Some possible Workarounds

One user redirected to my old blog post Adobe Reader DC security update Nov. 2020 causes issues in SAP, and it seems that the old fix also helps with the new issue:

Switch off the 'protected mode' for compatibility reasons. For this purpose there is a group policy, which is stored in the following key:

HKLM\SW\Policies\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\DC\FeatureLockDown

Change the 32-bit DWORD registry entry bProtectedMode = 0 to 1

Then the PDF shall printed as expected. Also a German blog reader reported his workaround: Disable the advanced security settings (the check mark at the top) > restart the program > works fine again. Hope this helps

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