Windows: Status of printing issues (a.o. Dymo Labelwriter) before Feb. 2022 patchday

Windows[German]What is the status regarding Windows and printing problems due to security updates? In 2021, PrintNightmare kept the administrators very busy because printing suddenly stopped working after the update. In the last few days and weeks, I have received a few reports about printing problems (network printer problems, Dymo Labelwriter under Windows 11), which is why I am giving an overview in the run-up to the February 2022 Patchday.


February 8, 2022 is Microsoft's patchday again. Let's see what updates are coming, which problems will be fixed and what new patchday collateral damage will occur.

On January 25, 2022, Microsoft rolled out new fixes for printing issues in the Windows 10 preview updates (see Windows 10 / Windows Server Preview Update (Jan. 25, 2022)). These fixes are also included within the cumulative updates for the February 2022 patchday.

Clients can't access network printers

On Facebook I found a post from an administrator complaining about printing problems with Windows clients on February 6, 2022.

Since a couple of days I have the following problem, unfortunately no client can connect to the printer. I have already created the printer in the share and in the group policies and re-listed it in the directory. Unfortunately all without success.

The administrator has published this screenshot with the error messages, but it does not help much.

Druckerverbindung fehlgeschlagen


If, on the other hand, the administrator tries to print directly from the Windows server, this works without any problems. The advice in this case was to first make sure that all updates are installed on the Windows Server. In addition, Mark Heitbrink referred to his German article PrintNightmare – 3 Richtlinien werden benötigt from 2021, where it is about the PointAndPrint release.

In the current case it was the problem of the print error 0x0000011b, which is triggered via the registry value rpcAuthnLevelPrivacyEnabled=1. I had given some hints on how to fix this printing error in the blog post Windows PrintNightmare: Status, issues and workarounds (Sept. 22, 2021).

In addition, for persistent printing problems, I had outlined a workaround for network printer problems suggested by blog readers. The description can be found in the blog post Windows PrintNightmare printing issues: Server loses settings, Error while printing (Nov 11, 2021). In general, though, I feel that the PrintNightmare printer spooler service issues were largely resolved by the December 2021 updates. Or are you guys still having issues there?

Windows 11 and Dymo Labelwriter 450Duo issues

Windows 11 is another printer nightmare. I had already reported extensively on the subject in the blog post Windows 11: App issues and Brother USB printers doesn't print. Brother printers can not print on the USB port. But this is not limited to Brother printers. German blog reader Ingo M. contacted me by mail at the end of January 2022 and reported the following observation.

Good morning Mr. Born,

I have been reading your blog with interest for a long time. The topics interest me, as I myself was 36 years in the PC and network environment.

To the above post I would like to add that there are also problems with label printers from DYMO, which are connected via USB and which have two printing functions. In my case it is the DYMO Labelwriter 450Duo.

There is little to be found on the Internet about this, official information from Dymo is missing.

However, Ingo pointed me to the discussion Windows 11 Printer Issue – DYMO LW450 DUO is not installing correctly/entirely – Microsoft Tech Community from early January 2022 in the Microsoft Techcommunity (thanks for that). It looks like the DYMO LW450 DUO label printer cannot be used on the USB port of a Windows 11 system. Following the discussion, there are a lot of affected people, some suggestions for workarounds, but no fix from Microsoft.

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