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Google Chrome 66 released

Google has released Google Chrome 66 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The desktop version includes an autoplaying content blocking feature.

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Windows Defender extension for Google Chrome

[German]Protection against online threads (phishing, malware websites) etc. for the Google Chrome browser? Microsoft makes it possible with a chrome extension. 

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How to block notifications in Google Chrome

[German]Today a short tip for users of Google Chrome (and probably also for its clones). How can you stop the annoying popups asking you, if you want to receive notifications that websites offer when you first visit them?

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Slimjet browser: Beware of Bing search engine

[German]If you are using the Slimjet browser, you should be careful with the selection of the default search engine at the moment. Slimjet developers has buried a nasty trick behind the offered Bing search engine entry – there is a … Continue reading

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Firefox 59.0.2 released

[German]Mozilla has surprisingly released Firefox 59.0.1 on March 16, 2018. Now (March 26, 2018) a maintenance update to version 59.0.2 has been released.

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Is FlashPeak Inc. shipping Slimjet browser with a backdoor?

[German]Is the Slimjet browser (a Google Chrome clone) moving towards Mozilla? Or does the developer moves to ship potentially unwanted software or even a backdoor? Within this blog post I address a a very strange observation some blog readers are … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer Update KB4096040 (March 23, 2018)

[German]Microsoft released on March 23, 2018 security update KB4096040 for Internet Explorer, which replaces KB4089187 was released on March 13, 2018. This update fixes an IE 11 startup problem under Windows 7 SP1. The update is classified as critical.

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Critical Update: Firefox 59.0.1/Firefox ESR 52.7.2

[German]Mozilla surprisingly released an update on March 16, 2018, upgrading Firefox to version 59.0.1. The update fixes vulnerabilities classified as critical. In addition, Firefox ESR will also be updated to version 52.7.2 due to these vulnerabilities.

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Tor Browser 7.5.1/7.5.2 released

[German]The Tor network released the new version 7.5.1 of the Tor browser for Windows, Linux and macOS last Tuesday, March 13, 2018. And just a few hours ago, on March 17, they added version 7.5.2.

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Patchday: Other Microsoft Updates (February 13, 2018)

[German]Microsoft has released further updates for Internet Explorer, Windows Server, etc. on the patchday (February 13,2018). Here are some details about selected patches.

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