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Firefox 58 released

[German]Mozilla has released Firefox 58 for Android, Linux, macOS and Windows. This major release, dated on January 23, 2018, comes with fixes and improvements against version 57 (Qantum).

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Test: Is my browser vulnerable for Spectre attacks?

[German]Here’s a tip for users of devices, who are wondering, if their browser is vulnerable for Spectre attacks. The test is independent of the device and operating system and there is no need to install anything.

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How to mitigate Spectre in Google Chrome

This blog post shows, how to mitigate Google Chrome browser against the Spectre attack using Strict site isolation.

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Microsoft Patchday: Office, Flash, Windows (January 9, 2018)

[German]Microsoft’s patchday on January 9, 2018 just brought us a few updates for Adobe Flash, Windows 10 V1709, Office and NET Framework so far. This is due the fact, that Microsoft already released some updates last week, to fix the … Continue reading

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Trouble reaching Microsoft Update Catalog

[German]Currently there seems to be massive trouble with the ‘Microsoft Update Catalog’. Reaching Microsoft Update Catalog seems to works only at random. Here are some information about the topic. Maybe blog readers can confirm the observations or know a cause … Continue reading

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Critical Updates for Windows and Browser (01/03/2018)

[German]On January 3, 2018, Microsoft released critical updates for its supported Windows versions as well as for the browsers Edge and Internet Explorer. Here is an overview.

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YouTube pages returns Error 400 in Google Chrome

[German]Recently I stumbled upon a strange error. My Google Chrome browser suddenly refuse to play YouTube videos. I got an error code 400. Here are a few hints how to solve this issue.

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Security Update to Google Chrome 63.0.3239.108

Google’s Chrome developers has released a security update for this browser that changes the version to 63.0.3239.108. Here are a few details about this update.

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Internet Explorer 11: Enable ActiveX controls

[German]This blog post shows, how to define compatibility lists for ActiveX components in Internet Explorer 11. This is mandatory to allow ActiveX component execution within the browser. This topic has been raised a few days ago during fixing the broken … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer 11 crashes after installing updates?

[German]In connection with the latest Windows updates there is (possibly) a problem with Internet Explorer 11 that can cause crashes. In my opinion, this problem occurs in all versions of Windows and it’s available since September 2017 patchday.

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