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Skype 8.0 released, version 7.x will be shut off

Microsoft has just released version 8.0 of the Skype desktop client. This client will have a couple of new features, that has been described within Microsoft’s blog post here. Within this post there is also an announcement, that Microsoft plans … Continue reading

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Skype for Business/MS Teams for Phone support till 08/20/2018

Just a brief information for Windows Phone mobile device owners using Skype for Business and/or Microsoft Teams apps and Yammer. Contrary to Microsoft’s announcement these apps should be available until August 2018 for Windows Phones. Advertising

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Skype in decline: Who broke it?

[German]Not so good news for Skype users – Microsoft has been carving around the Skype clients since taking over Skype in 2011. In the meantime, the clients are difficult to use and are often buggy or lacking functions. Skype has … Continue reading

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Microsoft won’t fix Skype vulnerability in updater

[German]Skype has a vulnerability in the update process that allows an attacker to gain system-level access to the system. Microsoft won’t fix this error. Advertising

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Skype service issues since days for some users

[German]Bad news for Skype users. Skype service seems to have issues worldwide since February 3, 2018. Here are a few information I could collect so far. Advertising

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Crash of Skype Preview fixed

Yesterday reports about crashes of the preview version of Skype was floating around. Now Microsoft has fixed this issue with Skype app version shipped for Windows Insiders. Advertising

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Skype down?

It seems that Microsoft has issues with several services. Yesterday (10/06/2016) some users recognized Outlook.com outaages (see). Now MSPowerUser reported also, that Skype is down. The Skype status page reports that Skype is down. Somebody else can confirm this? Advertising

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Fraunhofer EK institute put Skype for busines users at risk

Skype is rather popular – and since Microsoft is operating this service is even more on it’s raise. Recently I reported that 40 % of international phone calls are handled via Skype. But for business users Skype should be a … Continue reading

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