Edge 97 automatically opens during login

Edge[German]I'm once again addressing an issue with Microsoft's Edge browser into the blog. A reader informed me that in his environment (university), Edge 97 opens automatically upon login – an annoying endeavor. Here is some information on what I found out.


It was a short mail dated January 13, 2022, in which blog reader Markus K. described his latest observations with the Microsoft Edge browser.

Good morning,
now that my work computer and my private computer are affected by this, I simply inform:
MS Edge suddenly opens by itself when logging in.

Various places remain without result (autostart, disabling automatically setting up my device, edge://settings/system startup boost disable…).

Am a bit perplexed right now and wonder how this happened. In any case it's really annoying.

Of course it's an absurdity – and might be related to the last update of the Edge browser (see Edge 97.0.1072.55). A short time later Markus contacted me again by mail and solved the whole thing. In the patchmanagement group this behavior was also discussed. I simply extract the relevant passages. On January 12, 2022, a frustrated user Matt wrote:

We've been seeing a weird issue where users are having Microsoft Edge open at log on.  I was able to trace it down to coming from MicrosoftEdgeUpdate.exe.  There is a scheduled task to run Edge update with two triggers: one at logon and one at a random time period.  We've found that disabling the logon trigger stops Edge from opening at log on, but I'm a bit wary of disabling this for everyone, even if there is a secondary trigger available.

Has anyone else seen this?

Also there it is described that Microsoft Edge opens automatically when logging in to Windows. A short time later, user Lisa resolved the whole thing and wrote:

Yes, version 97 that dropped on Thursday 1/6 added two registry keys found at the below location. The AutoRunOnLogon is set to 1 by default, if you change it to 0 it fixes the issue.  Our machines are set to only get updates from our WSUS servers, but this one bypassed if the machines were not behind a firewall that specifically blocked all of the Microsoft update servers.

Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\EdgeUpdate\Clients\


Value Name: AutoRunOnLogon

Value: 0 (zero)

With Edge 97, they introduced two registry entries, where an AutoRunOnLogon value is automatically set to 1 and triggers the behavior. German blog readers also reported, that they found an autorun entry within the registry, that triggered the Edge auto launch. One user wrote, that removing this autorun entry didn't solved the issue, because there was also a task in Windows task planner, adding the autorun entry again and again.

There is this German blog post, describing also how to avoid an Edge auto start. One German blog reader reported, that the issue has been gone after updating Edge – probably it's the Edge 97.0.1072.62 update from Jan. 13, 2022, that solved that.


Ok, we have had the Exchange Year 2022 desaster on January 1st, then the January 2022 patchday desaster, and now this Edge behavior. It's a couple of weeks that I have published the post Edge: Has Microsoft lost its track?. So the above issue is just a follow of a constant strain of fails, showing how Microsoft behaves.

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  1. Chris Pugson says:

    Microsoft is in a similar mess to the United Kingdom's government.

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